Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Mocking Screen

We have a Winter Storm Warning posted for today and tonight. Finally. I love a good snowy storm. And as I type this the very first flakes have started to fall. Ah, winter. I do love the beauty of a snow covered landscape. It's all so fresh and clean. The dead, brown grass is hidden from view. The bare tree branches are decorated with a fluffy white coating. And evergreens sag to the ground from the weight of snow on their boughs creating a magical wonderland. We haven't had enough of winter's beauty this year, so I will welcome the impending storm with open arms - and a snow shovel.

While I do love the fresh, clean look of a white landscape, I don't much like the look of a blank, white computer screen. It can be daunting, don't you think? Even when I know what I'd like to write it seems difficult sometimes to fill up the screen with words. Frustrating? - Yes. Stressful? Can be. Nerve wracking? Not too much, I guess. So what to do when the blank, white screen stares at you mocking your every attempt at filling it up? Lace up the boots, put on the mittens, zip up the parka, and get out an enjoy the beauty outside - AWAY from the computer.

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