Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ignorance Can Be Blissful

 I snapped this picture on the ski trails the other day. It is the sign I came across the afternoon of my great Ant Hill adventure. I ended up on Ant Hill  because this sign made me AFRAID so I went the opposite direction AWAY from the sign - which landed me on Ant Hill. Go figure.

Do I face my writing life the same way - avoiding signs that tell me the road ahead won't be easy? Is it better to expect difficulty and hope for the best? Or to expect the best, but know that difficulty comes with the territory? I'll go with the latter. I don't need signs (or people) to clue me in on the trials of the road to being published. I already know it's a tricky journey. Fill me with hope, encourage me, guide me, but don't make me AFRAID or I'll run the other way! Ignorance can be blissful you know.  When I made it to the bottom of Ant Hill I was actually glad that I had no idea how difficult it would be. I think my writing journey will be just the same... 

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